Euromedical Instruments  is a worldwide distributor of surgical radio-guided detection probes to Surgeons and Nuclear Physicians. The Europrobe Systems are comprised of the Europrobe3 read-out module which is fitted with a wide range of probes in order to address different clinical needs. They are much appreciated and used in the clinical fields of Dermatology, Senology, Gyneacology, Endocrinology, Urology and Nuclear Medicine.

From the very onset of the sentinel Node per-operative detection technique (1985), EUROMEDICAL Instruments has been commercialising in France directly, and internationally through a network of recognised distributors. With over 2000 systems installed worldwide, the company realises over 80 % of its sales on international markets while holding a leading position in France.

The Europrobe systems are manufactured in France by EURORAD, one of the few manufacturers of nuclear probes in the world, and amongst the most recognised.

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